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macadamia and coffee orchards.
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In this issue
of Islander Magazine:

History of Hawaii: The Spanish, British, Portuguese, Germans, The Tongans

Remembering Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Molokai: The Most Hawaiian Island, Challenge for Canoe Paddlers, Diverse Landscape--True Hawaiian Culture

Molokai Crafters

Stay on the Molokai Ranch Trail: Talk Story with Uncle Billy, The Great Molokai Trail, Molokai Ranch, Hosts a Thanksgiving Rodeo, Flightseeing Molokai,
Stop by the Molokai Visitors Association

The Nightingales of Hualalai

Meyer's Mauka Lands: Nature, Culture and Dramatic Views of Molokai

Hawaiian Cuisine: Polynesian Paella Links Spain to Hawaii, English Garden Salad Saute, Guava French Toast, Taro Leaf soup, Fine Dining, The Hukilau Salad

Hawaii's Endangered Species:'I'iwi: The Rare Honeycreeper, The Molokai Creeper, The Oloma'o

Mountain Biking: Hawaiian Style

The Music of Hawaii: Chris Rego--Road to Hanalei, Sunland--We Are Only Human, Marty Dread, "Kindy" Sproat, Hawaiian Bluegrass

Great Books: Flight of the Golden Plover, Kamehameha IV, Made in Paradise: Films of Hawaii, Historic Stamps, The Hawaiian Tattoo

Keiki Books: Punia and the King of Sharks, Kamehameha V, Musubi Man, Kamehameha School, Early Hawaiian Life

Papermaking with Hawaiian Flowers

Kaua'i Seal: A Second Home in Japan

White Mountain: Mauna Kea

A Home in the Islands: Graham and Susan Nash

Colors Bloom in the Rainforest: Nani Mau Gardens

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Tongans in Hawai'i display one of the most intact cultures of old Polynesia. Tongan life...
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Ed Sigler's Ironman Triathlon

The Art
of Eddy Y

by Melitta Hodson

'Io --
The Hawaiian Hawk
by Melitta Hodson.

  Pahala Hawaii in Japanese