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Nature, culture & dramatic views of Moloka`i

For the first time in more than a century, R.W. Meyer, Ltd. is opening the gates of its 1,800 acres for private hiking and 4-wheel drive experience, high in Moloka'i's central mountainous region of Kala'e.

Four-wheel drive vehicles carry guests to private Meyer lookouts.

Peaceful, fascinating and breathtaking, the Meyer program carries you back 300 years to re-discover the ancient Hawaiians, and shows you one of the most dramatically beautiful and historic properties in all of the Hawaiian Islands.

Guides teach you the ancient Hawaiian belief that all things have spirits and intelligence, and they show you a deeply rooted connection between Hawaiians and the 'aina (land) where subsistence was grounded in spirituality.

Enjoy awesome scenery and a kaleidoscope of landscapes on a moderately vigorous hike through the mauka (mountain) lands of R.W. Meyer, Ltd. Hike from 1,700 feet above sea level through prime ranch land and ancient cinder cones up to Meyer Lake at Kealia at 2,000 feet.

With Moloka'i's clean air and the blue Pacific below, it is easy to drink in the freshness of panoramic views. Lush gulches and mountains extend in every direction and the ocean to the north and south is astounding, as you look down from some of the world's highest sea cliffs to the famous Kalaupapa Peninsula.

At Kalaupapa, Belgian priest Father Damien brought practicality, solace, and love to the victims of Hansen's Disease (earlier called leprosy). Until recent years, the patients were literally imprisoned on the isolated peninsula.

Moloka`i Museum & the R.W. Meyer Sugar Mill are included in the tours.

The Meyer experience also teaches participants about many beautiful indigenous plants, among them: ferns, 'ohia, 'ohelo, and wild orchids. Majestic pine forests mark the spot where legend says that early chanters learned their skill.

Hikers view Kalaupapa from some of the world's highest sea cliffs
on R.W. Meyer land

Guided hikes and four-wheel drive tours are available on marked trails. A well-planned hiking route takes you along scenic overlooks and plant identification areas. Specialty Programs, such as "Health and Wellness" workshops and seminars on botanical subjects and cultural aspects of the geographical areas and use of the local flora are planned.

Check in is at the Moloka'i Museum & Cultural center on the grounds of the historic R.W. Meyer Sugar Mill. The tour also includes a walk through and guided tour of the Museum and R.W. Meyer Sugar Mill.

For tour information and reservations, call (808) 567-6624 or toll free 1-800-962-9989.